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“Dr Fok's lessons are always very engaging and his explanations are clear and easy to understand. He also shares with us interesting stories so that the lessons are not draining, especially when there are extra lessons that could go up to 3 hours. There is also sufficient lesson notes provided, as well as other school exam papers. There are also extra notes and papers that are given out of lessons, and he would help us to mark and provide feedback when we submit our work. Dr Fok always replies us very quickly when questions are sent to him, so that our queries are cleared immediately. When further clarification is required, he also provides us with videos that we can watch to revise our concepts.”
Lareen Teo
Eunoia Junior College
“Dr fok is a very active teacher. He has a loud and clear voice, is very concise with what he aims to teach, and constantly keeps his students awake and focused with his constant reminds. For those who do not understand the content as much, Dr fok is perfect to help u understand how economics work. Trying to understand econs would have been an absolute pain if not for his teachings. More importantly, econs was not ad dry or boring when Dr Fok taught. The stories he gives are very insightful and worth listening to. Stories are also very good to relieve your stress in between breaks. Thank you Dr Fok for helping me with me econs!”
Ewan Chua
St. Andrew's Junior College
“Mr Fok's lessons are very engaging and interesting. He gives concise and bite-sized key pointers for things to take note of during exams and tests. He is able to convey important content easily that makes it easy to understand and apply thereafter. Mr Fok is also very prompt in his replies regarding whatever questions I have beyond the class time which come as timely assistance to clarify my doubts. He shares important stories about life aside from econs concepts as well which I've learned a lot from.”
Yishun Innova Junior College
“Dr Fok is someone that really goes the extra mile for his students. Although he has many of students, he ensures that all are well taken care of and all are given the 'A grade' weapons. He is also one that throws in life lessons into the mix, which given his expertise and career experience, is something that I will carry with me for a very long time. Dr Fok also encourages us to dig deeper and motivates us whenever he can so as to do well for our examinations and gives great advice for the steps ahead, especially leading into an examination. Thank you Dr Fok for making Economics such an enjoyable subject to learn!”As stated in this article, you can browse your selection of available deals on smartphones and top brands and explore the cell phone service plans that best suit your needs.
Matthias Lee
Anderson Serangoon Junior College
“Dr Fok's lesson is very interesting and he makes econs much easier to understand. In the past I was consistently last few in class with S and E grades. However, after attending his lessons, I can safely say that I improved alot and got B by mid year. I really enjoy econs and its one of my best subjects now. Additionally, Dr Fok has very concise notes and make it easy to revise for economics. I strongly recommend going to his tuition as it has helped me by leaps and bounds :P”
Jurong Pioneer Junior College
“Mr Fok is unbelievably charismatic, every lesson with him is a new adventure! Not only are lessons with him fun and engaging, but his ability to conceptualise the content taught in the JC economics syllabus has helped me tremendously in my understanding of the subject (from a U to an A). Besides classroom content, Mr Fok also always spares a few minutes of class to impart his wisdom in his ‘storytime’ tales, which always bring smiles to the faces of stressed students and also teach us valuable life lessons. Although only a student for a little more than half a year, my time learning with Mr Fok has been immensely meaningful and has genuinely cultivated in me a greater interest and ability in the subject.”
Brandon Kwek
Hwa Chong Institution
“I remember when I was so desperate for a very good econs teacher bc my econs was so and I started searching around beauty world cos I heard there were many econs tuition there. I actually took the namecard of many different tuition centres but I'm so glad I decided to join Mr Fok's tuition. He is an extremely dedicated teacher who helped me so much both inside and outside tuition (answering all my text messages whenever he could). To add on, classes are always so interesting because of all his stories, both unrelated and related to econs which helped me understand the extremely complicated concepts so much better. Also, he constantly repeats what he teaches so i barely have to study those parts when i go back home to revise. sometimes during my exams, i will hear his voice and teachings on how to approach and answer the questions, really showing how his teaching is very effective. Will really miss attending his lessons.”
Emily Goh
Anglo Chinese Junior College
“Lessons are thought in a way which allows us to maximise our grades as Anthony gives us alternate points and evaluation techniques not learnt in school to further augment our answers, through his lessons my grades have jumped from an S to a B after only a few weeks from joining, his super prompt replies to any questions to ensure our doubts are cleared reflects his dedication as a teacher.”
Anderson Serangoon Junior College
“Dr fok is an experienced economics tutor who has helped me understand h2 economics in a short span of time despite my inability to catch up in school. i joined his tuition class in j2 after common tests (i barely passed) and it really benefitted me a great ton. i was soon able to be on par with my peers in terms of understanding and improved by a few grades by the time i sat for my prelims. on top of teaching, Dr fok also entertains his students with stories about his life experience and instils important life lessons in them. I have personally gotten more motivated and inspired after hearing his stories and am greatly appreciative of him as my tutor.”
Phyllis Tan Shu Rong
Jurong Pioneer Junior College
“Dr Fok is extremely dedicated and though I didn’t join Econs tuition for long, I tremendously improved after joining. I think his teaching style is very suitable for me because I’m the kind of student that needs things to be broken down into the very very basics in order to understand simply, instead of learning all the ‘chim’ stuff and all the weird Econs jargon that schools tend to use. Dr Fok also repeats the crucial points at least 30 times over and over again so it really gets drilled into your head so in the exam you can literally hear him screaming “EH LISTEN stop dreaming I repeat again! eh seriously listen i repeat one more time ah listen ah people tuition expensive one don’t waste your parents’ money la!” I repeat AGAAAAAINNNN ah!” How not to remember the points after that right HAHA 🙂 Lessons are also very light-hearted and comical and Dr Fok always tells stories and his lame jokes (LOL) so it’s never a chore to attend lessons!”
Tasha Ting
Raffles Institution
“Honestly i enjoyed your lessons mr fok, you managed to give us day to day examples/stories that made concepts alot easier to understand and I enjoyed learning econs under you for the past 2 years. i think your lessons are very captivating and you’re the kind of teacher who are more down to earth and easier to relate to HAHA thank you for your guidance and hope u continue to inspire more students just like you have for me.”
Yishun Innova Junior College
“Mr fok’s teaching is easy to follow and very interactive. His colorful use of stories as well as personal anecdotes help bring complex economic examples to life. Besides economic concepts, Mr fok also imparts valuable life lessons on top of his detailed coverage of H2 Economics bringing a very holistic learning experience.”
Andrea Song
Catholic Junior College
“Mr Fok gives clear and concise lessons, even though fast-paced, it really cleared important concepts which were not emphasised in school. Apart from lessons, the notes provided were comprehensive and easy to understand. Mr Fok is usually prompt when questions are asked online and this helps to clear doubts in an efficient manner. Aside from that, he has provided insightful tips and advice in life, and has preached to go beyond grades to achieve more in life, which is encouraging to hear. Overall, joining Mr Fok’s class was a great decision and I have gained more interest and knowledge in Economics and beyond.”
Charlotte Chia
National Junior College
“Best econs teacher out there. Explains concepts clearly and is very thorough.Genuinely cares a lot for literally ALL of his students no matter from what background and is willing to help in whatever way he is able to if his student asks him for help. He also provides support after-class as you are able to text him or ask him after class to clarify whatever doubts. Also tells interesting yet valuable life stories that teaches quintessential life lessons for not only the workforce but for the future also (e.g. overcoming setbacks). Notes are concise and clear with adequate explanation on complex concepts. Overall he's a genuine person that wants to help his students and is the true definition of a teacher.”
Yishun Innova Junior College
“Mr Fok has been ever so helpful since I joined JC Economics at the end of J1. His bubbly attitude keeps the lessons engaging and his notes are very concise and easy for revision. Whenever I am unsure of certain concepts, I can always message him to clarify and he would ensure that my questions are addressed. He also constantly encourage us to write essays and let him mark so that he can give us his feedback and to allow us to be more well-prepared for A-levels. One thing I truly appreciate is the constant revision of content and evaluation points so that I can be more consistent and confident in Economics. What makes him different from other tutors is that he is candid and has no qualms about sharing his life experiences with us so that we learn not just Economics but also take away life lessons which would help us in the future.”
Ng Hong Xuan
River Valley High School

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